A New Comic Book Convention Comes To The Midlands: ‘Meanwhile…In Coventry’ With Kieron Gillen, Alison Sampson, Dan Panosian And More

by Olly MacNamee

Coventry City, nestled at the very heart of the Midlands, is celebrating its year-long status as the City of Culture in a number of different ways. But, one major inclusion to it’s line-up is an all-new comic book festival happening this September and called Meanwhile… In Coventry. And as a first time festival it’s pretty impressive.

Not too many first time comic book conventions can boast of the likes of Kieron Gillen (Eternals, Once and Future), Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son), Alison Sampson (Hit-Girl) and Dan Panosian (live from L.A.) as well as more yet to be announced, especially in a year when we are all slowly crawling out of the crippling pandemic.

Similar to Thought Bubble’s early days in Leeds (and look how that grew!), this comic convention will take place over two days – Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September  – in the centre of Coventry, over five venues including Coventry Cathedral, the Herbert Art Gallery and Coventry University, with a good deal more than just the comic convention to enjoy for all ages.

As well as a series of inspirational lectures there will be Battle Boards – a graffiti/street-art knock-out tournament – workshops and a very special edition of Dan Panosian’s popular Drink and Draw Social Club, featuring Dan live from L.A. and regular guest of the show Dave Johnson and Jeff Johnson in person! Such events are something different and unique and ones I haven’t seen before at any convention I’ve visited. And I’ve visited a lot!

With lots more still to be announced, you van bet we’ll be bringing you updates throughout the summer as one of the few comic book websites to focus our attention beyond London. Hell, it’s the reason I first got into this game in the first place and so we’re happy to be one of the first sites to announce this exciting, good-looking show.

For more, why not visit the official Meanwhile… In Coventry here now?

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