Shang-Chi And Cap Square Up Against A Deadly New Villain

by Brendan M. Allen

With writer Gene Luen Yang and artist Dike Ruan, the adventures of Shang-Chi have never been more exciting, or dangerous. The creative team’s first volume (now available in trade paperback) ended with Shang-Chi determined to restore honor to the Five Weapons Society, an ancient organization of warriors ruled by his family. But as the new leader of this shadowy and secretive group, Shang-Chi will find himself at odds with Marvel’s biggest heroes as well as the target of a host of brand-new Marvel villains eager to bring him down.

Shang-Chi #2 will see the powerful Cosmic Cube up for grabs, leading to a three-way showdown between Shang-Chi, Captain America, and a new villain, Lady Iron Fan. Using psychic abilities to control an arsenal of razor-sharp fan weaponry, this deadly new enemy is also in command of a powerful criminal organization of her own, the likes of which rivals those of Hydra and AIM.

“In our story, Lady Iron Fan is the owner of a popular casino hotel in Macau. She plays hostess to the biggest supervillain social event of the season,” Yang said. “Lady Iron Fan is inspired by Princess Iron Fan, a famous character from the Chinese classic Journey to the West. Her powers are inspired by the classic character. She was a lot of fun to write!”

Look for the next legendary battle of Marvel’s greatest fighter when Shang-Chi #2 hits stands on June 30, 2021. The Final Order Cutoff for this title is Monday June 7, so make sure to let your local shop know today if you want this book in your pull box.

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