Not Your Final Girl Podcast: Feed Drop- ScreenVomit Podcast

by Brendan M. Allen

Broadcasting live from summer vacation, Candace and Ariel bring you a feed drop from one of their fave pod friends, ScreenVomit! Your fearless pod hosts decided to take on woods horror for real this past weekend. They lived to tell the tale, but before they do, they’re going to sleep, and they’ll save the stories for the next Not Your Final Girl Podcast episode.

In the meantime, they’re kicking off Pride month with a send-up of straight culture in the David Fincher thriller Gone Girl (2014) that Candace dissected on her guest episode of ScreenVomit.

Comicon thanks Not Your Final Girl for allowing us to premiere episodes of their podcast. The full archive can be found on Morbidly Beautiful’s official website,

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