Exclusive Preview: Some Truths Are Absolutely Intergalactic In ‘Black Beacon’ #2

by Brendan M. Allen

In Black Beacon’s Heavy Metal #306 debut, Earth receives a message to cross the universe to a location where a new level of connection and understanding can be forged. But when a team arrives, they find they are too late to the party and it’s all sideways.

Written by Ryan K. Lindsay, with art by Sebastián Píriz and letters by JAME, Black Beacon continues with its second installment in Heavy Metal #307, available June 16, 2021.

‘There’s an intergalactic space station out there bigger than our solar system inviting everyone across the galaxy to come and seek refuge. The beacon made it sound like a utopia, but what Niko finds upon her arrival is a lawless expanse where everyone is out for themselves, and she’s so late she doesn’t even have a seat at the table. 

A story of survival, truth, and experience lies in front of Niko, if she can figure out who to trust and what to do before the secret of her journey catches up with her.’

Check out our exclusive Comicon preview of Black Beacon #2, and look for Heavy Metal #307 on the spinner racks June 16. Beyond the second chapter, the story continues in Heavy Metal #308, 309, 310, and 312.

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