Rob Liefeld Stays On A Comic Project Till It’s End For Once With ‘Snake Eyes’ #5 From IDW

by Olly MacNamee

Going against type, Rob Liefeld has managed to stay on this one project through to it’s conclusion. Which must be something of a record for this man-child creator, given his recent form. Or for that matter, his usual form.

Variant cover by Larry Hama and Rob Liefeld

But, with the publication of Snake Eyes: Deadgame #5 on July 7th, 2021 from IDW and Hasbro, Liefeld will complete the series with a little help from his friends. The fifth issue finale features an all-star list of comic book legends providing inks and finishes to Rob’s pencilled art, with legendary artists Kevin Eastman (TMNT), Ryan Ottley (InvincibleAmazing Spider-Man), Eric Canete (Justice League), and Karl Kerschl (DeadpoolSuperman) lending a hand.

Plus, Liefeld will ink over a G.I. Joe legend Larry Hama – on a special variant cover too. A dream com true for one of comic’s most divisive and petulant creators:

“I never dreamed the Snake Eyes: Deadgame finale would go out in such style, jamming alongside some of the greatest, most celebrated artists and creators in the history of comic books. t’s been a dream come true, collaborating with my favorite artists in the business, past and present! The fans are in for something really special!”

These artists join the already named list of all-stars including Neal AdamsJerry OrdwayWhilce PortacioKarl Kesel, Comicgater Art ThibertPhilip TanDan PanosianDan FragaEd PiskorMarat MychaelsJim RuggTom ScioliCory HamscherPaul ScottKarl Alstaetter, and Chance Wolf.

That’s quite the list of creators and proving whatever you’re opinion on him, he’s certainly not short of a collaborator or two willing to work with him.

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