‘Sam And Twitch’ Reenters TV Development With ‘Mare of Easttown’ And ‘Condor’ Producers

by Erik Amaya

Like Spawn‘s twenty-year odyssey to return to screens, Sam and Twitch has had a long history of development in TV Land. First, there was an attempt by Law & Order boss Dick Wolf. Then, Kevin Smith got involved for a time. Now, Deadline reports wiip Partners, the people behind Mare of Easttown, has entered into an agreement with Todd McFarlane to develop Sam and Twitch as a premium drama.

The proposed series will feature NYPD detectives Sam Burke and Maximilian “Twitch” Williams, good cops who do their best in the face of the city’s criminal element, but also deal with things which go bump in the night. The characters first appeared in Spawn #1 as antagonists, but soon came to be allies of the Hellspawn and fan favorite characters in their own right. Condor showrunners Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg will adapt the concept for television with wiip’s Paul Lee and Mark Roybal, McFarlane, and Sean Canino serving as executive producers.

As with all new project announcements, it is unclear how quickly Sam and Twitch will make it to air. But considering how long McFarlane has been trying to get this series off the ground, we hope it will be soon.

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