Extended Preview: Dynamite’s ‘Sacred Six’ #10 By Christopher Priest, Stephane Roux And Marcos Ramos

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Lucio Parrillo (A)

Written by Christopher Priest 

Art by Stephane Roux, Marcos Ramos

“Our SIX newly-hired guns defend the peaceful vampires of Ashthorne from Chastity’s old flame, the merciless vampire slayer LEVITICUS. Meanwhile, Victory struggles to hide her newfound faith from the team and Vampirella is (literally) not quite herself. also, Nyx’s time-mashup adventure builds to a climax, but can she reclaim her hellfire scepter before her remaining life force expires?”

Sacred Six #10 is out Wednesday 16th June from Dynamite

Cover by Warren Louw (B)
Cover by Raymund Bermudez (C)
Cover by Stephane Roux (D)
Cover by Daniel Maine (E)

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