Wolverine Legend Larry Hama Tells His ‘X-Men Legends’ In September

by Tony Thornley

One of the greatest comic writers in Marvel’s history returns to the character he made the biggest mark on in this September’s X-Men Legends #7. It’s going to be a claw-ful good time.

Larry Hama is known for his off-the-cuff plotting style in his long runs, particularly with Wolverine. It spawned some of the greatest moments in the character’s career, such as the famous cliffhanger ending of Wolverine #90. It’s also created some of the lows of Logan’s history, such as the infamous feral “noseless” era immediately preceding the Onslaught crossover.

With X-Men Legends #7 though, Hama teams with former Uncanny X-Men artist Billy Tan to tell a lost tale of Wolverine versus the Hand. It’s Hama and Tan doing what they do best — telling action-packed stories of the toughest mutant on the planet.

When two young mutants disappear, Wolverine and Jubilee set off for Japan to track them down. But Lady Deathstrike and the Hand have their own designs on the duo, and it’ll take no small measure of blood, sweat and adamantium to change their mind, kicking off a deadly international mutant conflict!

Watch for X-Men Legends #7 this September from Marvel Comics.

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