Art For Art’s Sake # 106 – Welcome One And All To The (Unofficial) Hellfire Gala!

by Richard Bruton

A second special Art For Art’s Sake celebrating the fabulousness of The Hellfire Gala, kicking off on 2 June in the X-Books – this week we have all the unofficial looks! Fabulous styles, daring designs, totally unofficial x-citement!

Last week I showed you the official X-looks to debut at the The Hellfire Gala, along with some work from the past that was perfect for the whole Gala look. And I was going to add a few fan pieces I’d seen to that one.

But, having seen the sheer amount of wonderful looks online from fans and other pros, all celebrating the X-universe with every bit the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent required, it’s time to unveil all the best unofficial looks from ‘The Hellfire Gala’!

Terry Blas – Mystique:

Bradley Clayton – who’s really gone to town on the whole thing…

Doug Ramsey:

…. and Cannonball & Sunspot, in each others costumes:

Madelaine Pryor:

Rahne Sinclair:

Boom Boom:

Dani in demon bear eleganza!

Daniel McNee – Dazzler x THREE!

Plus Shatterstar:

… and Northstar:

John Faun – Opal Luna Saturnyne:

… and Mystique:

… and Destiny:

Maxime Garbarini – Chamber:

Joseph Giampietro – “A simple ombré tuxedo covered in shimmering ice crystals, silk white belt with ice X buckle. No shirt and no shoes because this is Iceman.”

Carl Broaddus – Siryn:

Suzanne Forbes – Callisto:

… and Rahne and Dani:

Brad Gibson – Nightcrawler:

… and Iceman:

… and Dazzler:

GottabeCarl – Maggot:

… and Marrow:

Another Marrow, this time by Gerard Cycy:

… and Frenzy:

Another Marrow – Adam Reck:

Some of my fave from Matt Harrison – Aurora:




@Beefcakeboss on Instagram – Sunspot:

… and Moonstar:

… and Magma:

Finally, a couple of wonderfully silly ones, although still on point:

There’s Dolly by Josh Cornillon – “I think we were all disappointed Nanny was not getting her proper due in the covers for the Hellfire Gala…”

And finally, perhaps my absolute favourite of the lot – Felipe Sobreiro – Doop:


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