Something For The Weekend: A Selection Of Top Posts From The Past Week

by Olly MacNamee

Over here it’s the start of the Euros, a “soccer” tournament in which the various national teams of Europe compete to be crowned kings of European football. As a half-German Englishman brought up in Wales this gives me three different teams to cheer for, with Wales playing today and England playing tomorrow, with Germany on Monday. So, you’ll forgive me for rounding up a shorter number of post this weekend so I can enjoy at least some of the footie action over the next few days.

Just for this weekend then, here’s my top five, and a little something extra as always:

  1. The news that Doctor Strange is to be killed off this September (yeah, right) was brought to you by Brendan M. Allen here.
  2. He also brought us an exclusive preview for Black Beacon appearing in Heavy Metal #307 here, out Wednesday 16th June.
  3. Richard Bruton gave us his weekly preview for 2000 AD here.
  4. AfterShock announces another new series, with Search For Hu here.
  5. And, finally, we took a look at DC Comics selection of Pride Month variant covers here.

But before I head of to find a pub showing the footie –  which really won’t be that difficult –  I’ll leave you with this little ditty from comic book rap fan Daddyphatsnap with his ode to Invincible:

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