Jorge Gutierrez’s ‘Maya and The Three’ Releases First Teaser Images

by Tito W. James

In Maya and the Three, a Mesoamerican warrior princess embarks on a quest to recruit three legendary fighters to help save the world of gods and humankind. Director Jorge Gutierrez (The Book of Life, El Tigre) described Maya and the Three as being “Like Game of Thrones but with more death and skulls.”

Maya and the Three will be a nine-episode limited series with what appears to be feature-level animation. The character designs are already pushing the visual high bar set by The Book of Life. Having scoured The Book of Life art book, I can guarantee that all of the visual splendor will have narrative purpose. Or, as Guillermo Del Toro would put it, “eye-protein” over “eye-candy.”

Fans of the more macabre and provocative side of animation should look out for Maya and The Three. Gutierrez has teased that there will be several homages to underground cinema like Jodorowsky’s films as well as outlaw anime like Ninja Scroll. This kind of provocative material would be unheard of in virtually every other kind of family feature animation.

We’re getting a Mesoamerican wonder woman exploring a colorful yet dangerous fantasy world. We’re raising this next generation right!

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