E3 2021: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ And More From Square Enix Presents

by Gary Catig

This Sunday, Square Enix held a special presentation during E3 2021 to reveal some of their new titles along with providing some never-before-seen footage of gameplay.

Square Enix Presents kicked off their event with the mystery Eidos-Montréal title that was teased ahead of time. The world premiere announcement turned out to be the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, which will be released this October 26th, 2021. From the trailer and the gameplay footage, the game really captures the spirit of the team we know and has a nice accompanying retro soundtrack. Players take on big alien beasts and cross paths with a variety of interesting villains both well known and obscure. Though the entire team is featured and they set out together, you can only control Star-Lord.

The video game company is also adding more content to its other comic superhero title, Marvel’s Avengers. They showed more videos on the upcoming missions, ‘Cosmic Cube,’ where you do battle with the Scientist Supreme and A.I.M. and ‘Wasteland Patrol’ that introduces the new patrol mode. Arriving later this summer is the expansion, ‘War for Wakanda’. The Black Panther will become the next here that will be available and the brand-new story has him going against his familiar foe, Ulysses Claw. Included in the expansion are new outfits, a power level increase, the Wakandan jungle biome and new outpost.

Final Fantasy is one of Square Enix’s biggest brands and there are a number of titles that carry the name. From studio, Team Ninja, is Stranger of Paradise: A Final Fantasy Origin. You don’t have to wait until next year when it’s released to get some hands-on play since a demo is now available for PS5. For fans of the original classics, the first six installments of the main line are receiving pixel remasters on Steam and mobile. They also covered a number of their mobile games.

Speaking of pixel remasters of RPGs, ahead of its June 24 release, Legend of Mana had a colorful opening cinematic movie.

An exclusive look at the upcoming Babylon’s Fall was shown featuring its fluid co-op-combat, powerful weapons and a unique, striking art style.

Final Fantasy and Legend of Mana aren’t the only games receiving a remaster. Life is Strange: Remastered Collection will be released on September 30th, 2021. It will contain Life is Strange, Life is Strange 2 and Before the Storm. We also had a deep dive into the empathy power of Alex Chen in the next chapter of the series, Life is Strange: True Colors. The story follows Chen as she tries to solve the mystery of her brother. Using her unique ability, she interacts with the townsfolk to uncover clues.

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