A Sneak Peek At Two Of Bad Idea’s ‘Final Five’ With The Last Three Coming Today

by Olly MacNamee

As it’s way past the yardarm here in the UK, so I doubt I’ll be posting each and every title Bad Idea will be revealing across the rest of the day in the US.

The publisher has already revealed the first two titles, with three more to follow. No doubt we’ll give you a round up sometime tomorrow morning of all five titles and a look at any covers and interior art too. But for now here’s your first look at Monster Kill Squad #1 by writer Christos Gage, artist Tomas Giorello and colourist Diego Rodriguez as well as a look at Refuse/Last Resort #1 too:

“Once upon a time, monster attacks were rare. A forest witch might murder a few hikers, a killer clown might eat a few children, or a malevolent ghost might drive a young couple insane just for the hell of it. But these events were scarce, easily covered up, and soon faded into campfire stories good for a laugh.

But no one’s laughing now. Over the past 90 days, cryptozoological attacks have increased a hundredfold, and the arcane has become everyday. Monsters of every shape and size strike at will, and the good, taxpaying folks of the US of A have had enough of this nonsense.

Enter: THE MONSTER KILL SQUAD. A Government Unit of the most dangerous motherfuckers on the planet, the deadliest folks alive are here to put a bullet in the brain of everything that walks, crawls, flies, or hides in shadows. And if it doesn’t have a brain, all the better — we’ve got a gun for that, too.

Witches and wraiths. Demons and deadites. Goblins and ghosts. There have always been monsters. Now there are monster killers, and the MKS will kill it, and kill it good.”

Look out for Monster Kill Squad #1 (of 4) out September 1st at participating stores.

That one was revealed at 12pm, and now we get a look at the second title – a split book, it would seem –  Refuse/Last Resort one-shot from writer Matt Kindt, artist Marguerite Sauvage (Refuse), writer Mark Russell and artist Adam Pollina (Last Resort):

“First, from the limitless imaginations of New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (River Run) and Eisner Award nominee Marguerite Sauvage (Bombshells) comes a very special tale of discovery in the outer reaches.

A woman awakens on an alien planet with no memory of her previous existence. She begins a quest to survive, relying on her wits, skills, and instincts to adapt to an inhospitable environment. After months barely surviving, she discovers a mysterious spacecraft at the bottom of a frozen lake. She dredges it, only to discover a blurred holographic image and distorted messages. She repairs the craft and journeys across the galaxy — but what is the ship’s destination, and who are the messages from?

Then, Mark Russell (Flintstones) joins forces with virtuoso artist Adam Pollina (Whalesville) for a tale of friendship and adventure in the far future.

Cyrus Garvey couldn’t believe his luck: If he agreed to attend a timeshare presentation, he’d get a free transporter trip anywhere in the galaxy. And those things are expensive! Cy sat through the hour-long presentation at Last Resorts Inc, passed on the timeshare, but took the vacation, and man was it a blast. A few days later, Cy’s friend gets the same invitation, but she’s reluctant to go — she can’t say no to a salesman. Cy agrees to sit through the presentation under her name, and she’s cool, as long as they can take a trip together.

Cy shows up to the presentation, takes a seat in the back and prepares to run out the clock on the hour, but is surprised to find a familiar face giving the sales presentation is…himself?!

Surely Last Resorts Inc., didn’t take Cy’s DNA from the transporter and clone him? Surely they didn’t build a bunch of clones as slave labor…and surely Cy didn’t agree to this in the fine print. Man, all Cy wanted was to get away for a few days…”

Look out for Refuse/Last Resort #1 November 3rd.

I may be soon calling it a day, but there’s nothing stopping you from logging on to Bad Idea’s Twitter accounts and checking in at the following times for more details of the “Final Five” ahead of either a genuine shut down, or re-branding. My money is still on the latter. Especially with the quality creators Bad Idea have contributing to this last push of titles.


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