Humanity’s Last Hope: Previewing ‘Good Luck’ #1

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios’ Good Luck #1 drops this upcoming New Comic Book Day. The new five-issue original series about defying fate by fighting against impossible odds is written by Matthew Erman, with artist Stefano Simeone and letterer Mike Fiorentino.

‘What if Luck was quantifiable, and something everyone was born with? Everyone, except the Unfortunates – teenagers born with absolutely zero Luck. 

Now, with the world mysteriously plunged into chaos and reality itself threatened, the Unfortunates are our only hope to save the world. When humanity’s last hope is a group of teens with no chance of success, the only thing anyone can do is wish them Good Luck!’

Featuring main cover art by Jorge Corona and variant covers by Gerald Parel and Junggeun Yoon, Good Luck #1 hits the spinner racks next Wednesday June 23, 2021.

Brendan M. Allen

Brendan Allen has probably had more jobs than you would reasonably believe. Dog trainer? He’s done it. Flooring contractor? You bet! EMT? Army NBC specialist? Road dog for a Celtic rock band? Yes, yes, and och aye! Now he reads comics and writes about them. It's a rough gig. You can follow Brendan on Twitter @SaintAmish where he tweets about comic books and cystic fibrosis awareness.

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