Scout Comics Reveals ‘Swamp Dogs: House Of Crows’ #1 Cover By Robert Sammelin

by Brendan M. Allen

Black Caravan, the horror imprint of Scout Comics, has finally unleashed the Swamp Dogs on the world, and the world will never be the same again. The mystery campaign has ended, and the cover of Issue 1, by Robert Sammelin has been revealed.

Swamp Dogs: House of Crows will jumpstart the Swamp Dogs universe. A 5-issue miniseries, it will introduce readers to the titular villains and the world which they are seeking to create. The book is a modern take that blends grindhouse, 70s and 80s horror, stoner comedies, cult classics, and midnight movies into one wild ride. 

The mini is a tight, funny, sexy, gory, horrific standalone story that is planned to lead into other ongoing titles, miniseries, and one-shots. It follows a budding lesbian couple and The Grunch, a goofy and fun-loving metal band, as they unwittingly stumble upon the Swamp Dogs and their House of Crows.

Co-writer Theo Prasidis explains, “A series of coincidences fulfill a Voodoo ritual that dates back to the Civil War and resurrects the most notorious and sadistic squad of the Confederacy, The Swamp Dogs.” What results is a horrific bloodbath on the bayou as the Swamp Dogs stretch their legs– getting ready to conquer Louisiana, and then everything else.

Co-writer J.M. Brandt adds, “The Swamp Dogs are the ultimate incarnation of evil. They are malicious, reprehensible, perverse… and a lot of fun to write. And they really come to (un-)life at the hands of Kewber Baal and Ruth Redmond. People are going to remember these monsters.”

Black Caravan has high hopes for Swamp Dogs. Co-publisher Joseph Schmalke says, “These 5 issues are just the beginning. We have some big ideas for this franchise. And we anticipate some lucky company will wind up adapting this killer series in some way, shape, or form before we know it.”
Swamp Dogs: House of Crows will have an Ashcan preview release (with exclusive pages) in late July 2021. Issue 1 will be released in October 2021. Variants and exclusive covers, including by heavy metal artist Solo Macello, interior artist Kewber Baal, and Steve Wands first comic book cover will be unveiled soon.

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