A Batwing Takes Flight In A Preview Of The ‘Batwoman’ Season Finale

by Erik Amaya

Believe it or not, Batwoman‘s second season is already coming to an end. But it seems the status quo will be upended again with Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) taking flight as a bat-themed hero. Will it inspire Ryan (Javicia Leslie) despite her current doubts? Will they be able to stop the Circe-addled Kate (Wallis Day) from helping Black Mask’s (Peter Outerbridge) plan to destroy Gotham City? Is the douchiest of the Crows really about to become Bane 2.0? It all remains to be seen, but this preview for next week’s season finale indicates some sort of positive outcome. Otherwise, why would Ryan be smiling at the end there?

And, yeah, at the moment, things seem pretty bleak for the team. Also, since Day is definitely playing Kate, we have to wonder what it will take for her to be Kate in some future season. Will Kate defeat the Circe persona in a battle of wills or will Alice (Rachel Skarsten) figure out the key word to restore her sister? But beyond those questions, we have something more pressing: will Ryan really be able to deal with the team after they dropped her for Kate so quickly? Doing this story totally makes sense as the show cannot go back to Kate as Batwoman, but the implications of it need more time than Luke saying he was sorry for not listening to Ryan’s doubts. Maybe it’s something to consider for next season.

Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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