Mark Millar Reveals All 101 Superhero References Hidden On ‘Jupiter Legacy: Requiem’ #1 Variant Cover By Ozgur Yildirim

by Olly MacNamee

Putting a lot of fan boys out of their collective misery (well, this one, at least) Mark Millar had posted the full list of all 101 superhero references he sneaked onto the amazing variant cover by artist Ozgur Yildirim for Jupiter Legacy: Requiem #1 that came out last week. How many did you get in the end?

Here’s the full check list and where to find each one one:

Say, can we get more of these kind of covers in the future? And, I wonder if I can find my own copy of this one for a keepsake?

Jupiter Legacy: Requiem #1 is out now from Image Comics.

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