A Hero Falls When ‘Superman & Lois’ Returns In July

by Erik Amaya

Superman & Lois is taking the next two weeks off. But when it returns, Clark’s (Tyler Hoechlin) precarious situation with Edge (Adam Rayner) leads Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) to call in John Henry Irons (Wolé Parks) for help. Her worry: it’s all happening again just as it did on his Earth. But will Superman really succumb to the rogue Kryptonian philosophy and allow the Eradicator to use the people of Smallville as hosts for disembodied aliens? He has to have a plan, right? Or will the show go down the Dark Superman path so many people seemingly want him to follow?

We’ll be honest, we’re never really looking for that story. It was done so well on Superman: The Animated Series that the other attempts tend to fall flat for us. Granted, this show has spent enough time building up Lois, Clark, and the kids that there is an emotional connection here to give Dark Superman some real jeopardy. And with only four episodes remaining after the hiatus, it may turn out to be a reasonable paced version of the tale.

Meanwhile, the flashbacks in this episode leave us hoping there will be room next season to get some more like it. There are always ways for a look at Clark’s younger days to matter to his current circumstances. Also, we just want to keep seeing the older suit his mother made for him. It’s just rad.

Superman & Lois returns July 13th on The CW

Erik Amaya

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