Dark Horse Announces ‘Children Of The Plague’ For September 2021

by Brendan M. Allen

From writer and artist Robert Love, alongside colorist Jeffrey Kimbler and letterer David Walker, comes Dark Horse Comics’ new Children of the Plague. Telling the story of a plague brought to earth from space and the fight for survival, the oversized apocalyptic one-shot arrives September 2021.

When kids are suddenly infected with a disease from outer space and begin forming mysterious superpowers, they become “Children of the Plague”. 

These children are rounded up, tested on, and put into battle by the evil Valmount Corporation. Remy, a young, female Indo-American infectee who develops powers of her own must fight to free herself and her brother from a life of war and servitude. Can they find a way to free themselves?’

This story is not about fighting monsters, it’s about Remy’s personal struggle,” says Love. “Although she has come to accept her pending death, her relationship with Valmount and her brother Peter is the greatest challenge she’s ever faced— not the fire-breathing monster she’s about to fight. I wanted to do a story about fighting to survive in an unrelenting world that you were not responsible for creating.” 

Children of the Plague One-Shot hits the spinner racks September 29, 2021.

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