It’s A Meeting Of Vampirellas In September’s Vampiverse #1

by Erik Amaya

We’re still trying to decide if it’s a Crisis of Infinite Vampirellas or an Infinite Vampirella event. Either way, September’s Vampiverse #1 sets out to tell a new story of the storied character as she encounter a wide array of other Vampirellas.

Across the vastness of time, space, and possibility, every reality has its own Vampirella to protect it from varied threats. But something — or someone — is hunting them down and stealing their precious life energies in the process. It’s up to “our” Vampirella to assemble her counterparts from other realities and defeat the mysterious foe before it destroys The Artist, the creator of all of existence. But will new variants like Vamp-Bot, Cave Vamp, The Invisible Vamp be up to the challenge?

Writer Tom Sniegoski returns with co-writer Jeannine Acheson for what Dynamite Entertainment bills as “the most expansive Vampirella story ever told.”

“When Jeannine and I were working on the 2021 Vampirella Valentine’s Day Special, the idea for Vampiverse was hatched,” Sniegoski explained in a statement. “To see it actually becoming a reality is incredibly exciting, and I can’t wait for folks to see what we’ve come up with.”

Acheson added, “When we were coming up with the idea, we never imagined Dynamite would let us do it, but here we are! I’m thrilled about Vampiverse!”

Joining them in the art department are artist Daniel Maine, colorist Francesca Cittarelli and letterer Taylor Esposito. Covers for the first issue include work from Adam Hughes, Stephen Segovia, Maria Laura Sanapo, Meghan Hetrick, and a cosplay cover featuring Rachel Hollon.

Vampiverse #1 is due for release in September.

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