Mirka Andolfo To Start Her Own ‘Red Sonja’ Series In September

by Erik Amaya

Sweet Paprika‘s Mirka Andolfo is getting a Red Sonja series all her own this September.

Dynamite Entertainment announced Thursday the imminent arrival of Mirka Andolfo’s Red Sonja, a new series which will see the writer and artist charting the She-Devil With a Sword’s latest adventures. The first story, titled “Mother,” begins as Sonja arrives at a village destroyed by the Three-Eyed Shezem and finding its only survivor: a young child with mysterious white tattoos. As the pair set off on a journey across frigid snow plains and thick forests, they will face all manner of threats in their search for justice and answers. Can Sonja save the child’s life and figure out why the village was destroyed?

“Red Sonja is an extraordinary, multifaceted character, and I loved her from the first moment,” Andolfo said in a statement. “When I was asked to try to make my own version of her, I immediately accepted.” Joining her on the book are co-writer Luca Blengino, colorist Chiara Di Francia, letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and editor Nate Cosby. Sacred Six‘s Giuseppe Cafaro will handle art duties. As it happens, Andolfo and Cafaro go way back, studying art together in Naples.

The first issue will feature covers from Mirka, Jay Anacleto, Joseph Michael Linsner, Erica D’Urso, Brett Booth, a cosplay cover featuring Tabitha Lyons, and a blank sketch cover.

Mirka Andolfo’s Red Sonja #1 is due out in September.

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