School Report: Previewing ‘Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

A relatively quiet week for DC Comics this week, so we’ll be bringing you all the previews over the course of the day, along with our new regular columns too. And e’ll start you off with Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook #1 below:

Cover by Stephen Blackwell

Written by Tim Sheridan
Pencils Darko Lafuente, Rafa Sandoval, Marco Santucci (Inks) Jordi Tarragona
Coloured by Michael Atiyeh, Miquel Rodriguez Lopez

“As the first quarter of classes draws to an end at Teen Titans Academy, get a closer look at the how students such as the mysterious Stitch enrolled, catch up with the status of Beast Boy and Raven’s relationship, and maybe, just maybe, get some clues on the origin of the new Red X!”

Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook #1 is out Tuesday 29th June from DC Comics

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