Aliens Invade A TV Show In A Preview Of The Next ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

by Erik Amaya

Naturally enough, Legends of Tomorrow is taking next Sunday off as it is the Fourth of July. But when it returns the following Sunday, the Legends track down an alien to Behrad’s (Shayan Sobhian) favorite sitcom. He thinks the trip is a birthday surprise, but will the alien completely ruin his favorite show? Also, will Nate (Nick Zano) end up the nosy neighbor?

As for this week, we were glad to see a “regular” romp. Sure, it may not have been regular for Sara (Caity Lotz) or Ava (Jes Macallan) — or really for the others as their conflicts all came to a head — but the episode, with its anger-eating worm, cameo by episode director David Ramsey as Bass Reeves, and the genuinely healing by way of teamwork and goofiness felt like a regular Legends romp. Hell, it was nice to see everyone airing their grievances, particularly Nate, who has been holding in a lot since the season began. Although, he does mention Zari 1.0 (Tala Ashe) at any opportunity. That said, though, we have to wonder if he is being set up to take Sara and Ava’s place as captain. If they were to leave at season’s end, he would be the next in line and proves his worth as a leader this week.

Something to consider, anyway…


Legends of Tomorrow airs Sundays on The CW

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