‘Marvel Realm Of Champions’ Update Brings Transmog Feature And “Trial of the Worthy” Story Event

by Gary Catig

Marvel Realm of Champions is receiving a new update and that means new content for the multiplayer brawler along with new improvements and bug fixes. Let’s check out all the exciting things coming to players.

The latest story event is ‘Trial of the Worthy’ where an Unworthy Thor is on a journey to earn the right to wield his Mjolnir again. He is joined by a Winter Soldier who walked away from the world following a personal tragedy and a Hulk. It is an episodic story that is revealed over four weeks through Showdown. Each week has a different group of Champions attempt to reignite the frozen Eternal Flame of Asgard. It is a timed event where you take out enemies to earn flame stacks and use those stacks to attack the flame.

The new feature, Transmog, is also introduced which allows you to change the appearance of your gear items into new ones without losing all the bonuses and synergies you have obtained for your Champion. Try out all the combinations of looks while keeping your stats utilizing the new customization currency called Essence.

In addition, there will be three new Alliance Events: Time Attack, Whosever Holds This Hammer and Costume Mania. Two of these events are focused on the “Trial of the Worthy” story. The Black Panther’s Summoners Journey chapter will also be unlocked.

The other big additions are a new weapon for Hulk and two new Thor Gear Sets called “Odinforce” and “Unworthy.” Learn more about Hulk’s “Wing Shield” and some tips and tricks here. Check out the Thor Gear Sets here. For everything arriving in the latest update and more details click here.

Marvel Realm of Champions can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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