America Chavez And Summoners Choice Champion, Hercules, Are The Next Entrants In ‘Marvel Contest Of Champions’

by Gary Catig

Two more characters are joining Marvel Contest of Champions in the latest update. Last fall, fans had the power to determine a new Champion and they selected Hercules. This month, the superhero will be joining the mobile game along with America Chavez. In addition, more new content will be arriving and to see what’s in store for July, check out the description below.

“Amidst the chaos, Captain Marvel locates America Chavez, who explains that the portals are the result of her unexpected arrival in The Battlerealm. Attempting to contain the carnage of these new Champions, the trio encounters none other than Hercules, who was sucked in by one of America’s stray star portals. 

Together (with the unexpected aid of Howard the Duck), these heroes must uncover the secret behind this sudden arrival, and uncover the terrible truth behind The Battlerealm’s origins! Will our heroes survive the onslaught of new opponents? What did America Chavez see beyond the walls of The Battlerealm? What darkness awaits the future of The Battlerealm? Find out this month in the brand new Event Quest, Starfall!”

Also included in the new update are bug fixes, balance updates, the Assault on Olympus Event Quest and more. Click here for all the details.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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