Take Another Trip To DC’s Future State And The House Of El In ‘Action Comics Annual’ #1 Preview

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Gabe Eltaeb, Scott Godlewski

Written by Phillip K. Johnson
Art by Scott Godlewski, Siya Oum

“The return of Future State’s House of El! It’s time to head back to tomorrow, as Superman’s descendants face a threat from today. This special tale connects to “Warworld Rising” as the actions of Clark Kent in the present reverberate, leaving long-lasting changes…and a deadly threat for the House of El to reckon with. Can Brandon Kent, the Superman of his era, stop the danger from hurting the next generation? Also, for those wanting to know more about Brandon’s relationship with Theand’r, the Tamaranean queen, prepare yourself for a little romance as well.”

Action Comics Annual #1 is out Tuesday 6th July from DC Comics

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