Advance Review: Mirka Andolfo’s ‘Sweet Paprika’ #1 Is A Sexy, Sensual, Fun Romp

by Olly MacNamee


Sweet Paprika mixes up elements of classic Hollywood rom-coms with a good, healthy dose of sexiness and sensuality in a comical debut of a New York inhabited by both Devils and Angels. But, who’d have though the devilish Paprika would be so devout when it comes to her sex life? A raunchy read from start to finish.


Mirka Andolfo’s Sweet Paprika #1 is aptly described as a combination of Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada and Bridget Jones’s Diary, but with much more European taste for the erotica sprinkled generously on top for extra spice.

A steamy mix of sex and humour, the titular character is introduced to readers as a hard-working, successful professional at the top of her game. All of which comes at a heavy price. Paprika’s sex and social life is non-existent as a result of this. Although, much of this is through her own doing , so I don’t think we are meant to feel too sympathetic for her.

The city of New York Andolfo envisioned is one made up of demons and cherubim. Yet our horny little devil, Paprika, seems destined to live the life of a nun if she’s not willing to give into her lust for life. She is starkly contrasted with the free-wheeling, free-loving delivery boy, the hardly-angelic Dill, who isn’t afraid to use all of his charms to bed equally consensual women as he travels from office to office delivering his goods and double entendres. And anyone who is a fan of Andolfo’s online sketches of Dill and Paprika know, while they are very much polar opposites in this debut issue, that’s not going to last for too long. It’s the classic rom-com set-up we’ve seen countless of times before from Hollywood. A love/hate relationship that will eventually result in romance. And plenty of sex.

While Andolfo’s art leans more towards the comical and manga-esque, that doesn’t dismiss the beauty or sensual nature of the end result. Nor should it detract from a story of family ties and responsibilities. The opening pages of this issue suggest that Paprika wasn’t always this uptight, but the influence of her more puritanical father seems to run deep in her character. She may have long moved out of the family home, but the scars run deep.

A sensual, sexy and comical debut that will easily find an eager readership both in States and in Europe thanks to a growing legion of Mirka Andolfo fans. A raunchy read from cover to cover.

Sweet Paprika #1 is out on Wednesday July 28th in the US/UK from Image Comics and available now in Italy/Europe from Star Comics.

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