‘Skybound X’ #5 Debuts Kirkman’s Next Big Thing With ‘C.O.D.E.’ First Appearance

by Olly MacNamee

Image/Skybound are pushing their five-week Skybound X comic book series hard. Really hard. As well as offering a first look at the final issue yesterday, today we get news that yet another Robert Kirkman helmed first appearance will make its debut in this series with issue #5; Combat Orb Defense Engines, better known as C.O.D.E.

“C.O.D.E. tells the story of humanity in the far future surviving a technological hellscape through the assistance of a device known as Combat Orb Defense Engines. Seven orb wielders who hail from six different warring factions have set aside their differences to band together and carry out a mission that may be humanity’s last hope to thwart a technological menace that has nearly completely overtaken earth.” 

Sounds like a chance for Kirkman to turn his genre-bending writing skills on the mighty mecha machines of Japanese manga and anime:

Jason Howard and I have been talking for a long time about making our next project the biggest, wildest thing we’ve ever done — and that’s how C.O.D.E. was born. This is the beginning of something truly ambitious that combines all the genres we love into one big super powered epic. There’s no better way to end this celebration of Skybound’s first ten years than to bring you something entirely new for the very first time.”  

Skybound X #5 is out on Wednesday, August 4th from Image/Skybound

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