The Experience And Dynamic Forces Team Up For Three Shows This Weekend

by Erik Amaya

Seemingly making up for going dark last Saturday (to enjoy the July 4th holiday), The Experience is back this week with three collectables shows backed by Dynamic Forces. The three-night run begins tonight at 7pm ET, continues on Saturday at 6pm ET for a two-hour show, and concludes Monday night at 6pm ET with another two-hour event.

The shows will all feature original art, exclusive Dynamic Forces collectibles, and more. Some of the items to be featured include copies of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #1 signed by Elvira herself, a copy of Lois Lane #1 signed by Mike Perkins, and original art from Avengers #29 by Walt Simonson with Scott Hanna on inks.

Of course, that’s just a small sampling of the items on offer. Although collectible and original art collecting is poised to return to in-person comic conventions and collectibles shows in the near future, The Experience continues to highlight that aspect of Con Culture in a virtual space. It’s definitely a worthy endeavor.

The Experience can be found on YouTube or Facebook!

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