Grab Your Booty-O’s And Trombone: Reviewing ‘WWE The New Day: Power Of Positivity’ #1

by Brendan M. Allen

Awwwww Comicon! Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for your world-famous, six-time champs, and feeeeel… the power!

The WWE obviously saw something in The New Day when they allowed Kofi, Big E, and Xavier to break Demolition’s 478 day record for the longest tag team title reign in company history. Things didn’t start out that way, though.

There have been some truly awful gimmicks handed to WWE wrestlers. We’ve seen a wrestling minotaur, a magician/mime, a stock car racer, a plumber, hockey goon, a vampire, a porn star, a dentist, and an undead mortician, to name a few.  Once in a while, a wrestler transcends the hand they’re dealt and becomes truly legendary. I hear that zombie mortician had a pretty decent run. 

A travelling trio of gospel singers really shouldn’t have had any kind of staying power, but Kingston, Langston, and Woods took what they were given, and ran with it. The chemistry between these three and their ability to engage live audiences helped them overcome the bizarre booking to become one of the greatest WWE factions of all time.

All that being said, none of that comes through in WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity #1.

I really would have liked to see Evan Narcisse and Austin Walker acknowledge the real life obstacles these three faced, and how they rolled with the nonsense to make a connection with the WWE Universe. It’s really weird, too, because they almost get there when they highlight the struggle Ron Simmons had with his first WWE gimmick. I’m not sure if Simmons’ gladiator getup is included to nod at the similarity, or if that’s a happy coincidence. 

Daniel Bayliss, who did some work on the WWE ongoing and the specials, does a pretty good job with the likenesses and the action sequences. There are a few places where Woods’ visage slips a little, but Kofi and Big E’s are pretty spot on for most of the book.

I hope that this book’s release signals BOOM! Studios’ intention to release more WWE books in the future, but this is not the strongest rasslin’ book they’ve put out. It’s decent, but pales next to the work that was done by Dennis Hopeless and Serg Acuna on the ongoing.

WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity #1, BOOM! Studios, 07 July 2021. Written by Evan Narcisse and Austin Walker, illustrated by Daniel Bayliss, lettered by DC Hopkins.




WWE The New Day: Power of Positivity #1 is serviceable, but doesn’t really do much to add to previously televised storylines. There’s a whole lot to this saga that didn’t make it into this book, and the story suffers for it.

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