Archie Comics’ ‘The Shield’ One-Shot Sells Out At The Distributor Level

by Brendan M. Allen

The star-spangled action-packed Archie Comics one-shot starring The Shield has officially sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors.

The Shield, originally introduced in 1941’s Pep Comics #1, months ahead of Captain America’s debut, is the first superhero to feature elements of the American flag in its costume design. Various iterations of the character have appeared over the years under the Red Circle Comics imprint and the character’s costume even made an appearance in The CW’s Riverdale TV series.

Mighty Crusaders: The Shield One-Shot takes readers on a high-octane adventure filled with intrigue and mystery. Congratulations are in order for writer David Gallaher and letterer Jack Morelli on the team’s resounding success, especially given the circumstances with Rob Liefeld’s unceremonious mid-project exit. 

The response was immediate with reports of sold-out store shelves across the country as readers young and old found themselves re-discovering Archie’s mighty pantheon of superhero characters.

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