Marvel Brings Back Joe Jusko Masterpieces As Variant Covers In October

by Tony Thornley

The very first comic book trading cards I ever owned were 1992’s Marvel Masterpieces by Joe Jusko. They were dynamic and larger than life, and one of my earliest exposures to the Marvel Universe at large. Now, Marvel is bringing those fantastic paintings back in a great way.

In October, 21 different titles will feature these legendary images in a new set of variant covers. (Interestingly the press release included 23 images, and it appears that Marauders #25 has two different versions — one featuring Kate Pryde and one featuring Bishop — and Black Panther #3 may have been delayed. Whether or not it will still feature the painting as a variant is unclear.)

It’s a great way to revisit Jusko’s fantastic depiction of the Marvel Universe, and own a piece of it (especially if you missed the cards on their release 30 years ago).

Check out a slideshow of all the different covers below and be sure to pick them up when they’re released all across the month of October.

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