‘Marvel Puzzle Quest’ Celebrates Five Years Of Peggy Carter As Captain America With Special Promotion

by Gary Catig

Marvel Puzzle Quest began a special promotion recently that celebrates the five-year anniversary of their character, Peggy Carter as Captain America. She is an iconic twist on a classic character and has appeared in various Marvel Media. This version of Carter made her first comic appearance in Exiles Vol. 3 #3 and can be found in the upcoming What If? animated series.

To mark the occasion, D3 Go! created the “The Puzzle Quest,” a massive hunt across Marvel Puzzle Quest related media. The event runs from now until July 24 and will reveal new clues every several days with a total of four clues. Every player who submits a correct answer here to each clue will receive a prize. The first clue can be found below:

In MARVEL Puzzle Quest, what color is Gwenpool’s shirt in the Gwen Prix event?

On Friday July 23rd, during the week of Comic-Con@Home, on-line personality, James Willems, will host a livestream on his YouTube channel at 6pm PDT/ 9pm EDT featuring trivia and prizes. You might want to tune in to find another clue.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is available on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Steam.

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