Advance Review: ‘Home Sick Pilots’ #7 Continues To Amaze And Intrigue

by Olly MacNamee


Ami and Buzz are alive, but not all that well. After all, Ami now shares an unbreakable link with the haunted old James House stalking her across America.


While the cover to Home Sick Pilots #7 would suggest another issue focused on Meg and the System Disrupt crew, this issue is nothing of the sort. Rather it’s an issue that, thankfully, finds Ami and Buzz alive and well as they criss-cross America in a vain attempt to escape the old James House. So, alive but not all that well, really. The ominous threat of a giant-sized haunted habitat stalking them means Ami and Buzz cannot stay still for too long. 

Dan Watters shows his writing chops expertly well in a silent scene in which Caspar Wijngaard’s art does all the talking as we learn of the couple’s dramatic off-page escape. A salvation brilliantly suspended for an issue of this second story-arc. 

The balance of both dark moments and lighter, more life-affirming scene is well done and not lost on our narrator for this issue, Ami. But, as this is an advance review, I won’t say too much more of what transpires in this issue other than what you could easily glean from the synopsis for this issue

What I can safely say though is that this whole series is building in both scope and momentum with plenty of ominous moments that point to more horrifying, bombastic action and terror yet to come. With its mix of horror, character-driven plots and situations as well as a dash of mecha manga too, there truly is no series quite like it out there. We have already been introduced to a wonderfully realised set of characters in the first story arc. And now we get to see these characters fleshed out and try to walk their own paths. But, with the gothic theme of haunting, albeit transported to mid-‘90s America, their paths are forever full of obstacles that they cannot seem to escape.

It’s a series I’m always amazed by and one I’m intrigued to see where it takes me next. Watters and Wijngaard are taking well worn horror tropes and remixing them into something very, very original with each and every issue.

Home Sick Pilots #7 is out Wednesday 21st July from Image Comics

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