Purgatori Returns In Her Own Solo Series This October

by Erik Amaya

Writer Ray Fawkes (Vampirella vs. Purgatori) returns to take Purgatori on an adventure of her own this October from Dynamite Entertainment.

Still haunted by the nasty mind worm of Lilith and dodging a coven of witches after her body for perverse rituals, Tori’s ability to cope with the minds and souls of the people she’s consumed over the last 2000 years threatens to break. Will it lead to therapy or more mayhem? “Purgatori’s always been a wild one, and now that she’s got a solo book we’re finally going to get a chance to get into the deepest, weirdest parts of her 2000 year-old mind,” Fawkes said of the series, announced on Tuesday. “This is going to be a Hell of a ride!”

Aiding Fawkes in this tale will be artist Alvaro Sarraseca, colorist Salvatore Aiala, and letterer Tom Napolitano. Covers for the first issue come courtesy of Antonio Fuso, Carlo Pagulayan and Russell Fox, and a cosplay cover by Nerdy Nereid.

Purgatori #1 is set for release in October.

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