Review: ‘Way Of X’ #4 Faces Grim Consequences

by Tony Thornley

As Way of X continues the exploration of the laws of Krakoa, it is clear that things may get worse before Nightcrawler and Legion can make things better. And in the wake of the Hellfire Gala, their adversary is going to make things much much worse.

Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli

After last issue’s extremely difficult and problematic content, this is a good step forward.  Si Spurrier, Bob Quinn, Java Tartaglia, and Clayton Cowles step back into the dark side of Krakoa in this issue.

Nightcrawler and Legion face the question of doing harm and killing humankind on two fronts. Kurt finds himself facing Fabian Cortez as he poses an unwinnable question that could cost lives. Meanwhile, Legion confronts Xavier in a conversation that could tear Krakoa apart.

While the missteps of last issue still loom large, this issue is a marked improvement. Kurt feels much more in-character, and is far more compassionate than he was last month. I genuinely hope that this is a sign that last issue was indeed a misstep and not Spurrier’s thesis for Kurt Wagner. It was also very interesting to read and see Kurt reason his way through Cortez’s Kobiyashi Maru without causing any harm.

Much more interesting, though, was Legion’s storyline. Though his actions in #3 were (and still are) unacceptable, this issue illustrates that he’s learning from his screw-ups. He still needs to make atonement for what he did, but this issue sees him start to make steps towards realizing that he’s doing harm. It’s still not perfect, but he’s headed in the right direction.

Quinn and Tartaglia make this issue look great, but it’s lost some of the visual distinctiveness from the first issue’s art. Quinn has a great sense for how to have characters interact, while keeping the point of view tightly on them. It helps me relate to the characters better while engaging the larger story. Tartaglia’s colors jump off the page and fills them with light.

The series still has a way to go now, but it definitely seems to be headed in the right direction.

Way of X #4 is available now from Marvel Comics.


We get to see a marked improvement from last month. Some of the struggles of last issue are overcome but the series still has a way to go.

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