Walter Geovani Alternate Cover ‘Red Sonja’ IndieGoGo Campaign To Launch Soon

by Erik Amaya

In celebration of Gail Simone and Walter Geovani recent return to Red Sonja, Dynamite is taking to Indiegogo to fund a special run their first issue on the title with Geovani providing new covers.

Geovani will be drawing two new, original covers for fans to choose from or support as a bundle. One is set to be an homage to the Frank Thorne era of the character. The other cover will be a tribute to Simone and Geovani run on the series with Sonja situated among series characters like Dark Annisia — a character rumored to appear in the upcoming Red Sonja film Simone is aiding as a consultant — Rat, Aneva, Osric, Halayah, and Ayla. Copies will be available signed by Simone, and add-ons options are set to include digital and physical graphic novels of the Simone/Geovani era.

While the campaign is not yet live, fans interested in collecting the new variant covers can sign up for updates here at the campaign’s landing page.

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