Let’s Speculate Wildly About Josh Segarra’s ‘She-Hulk’ Role

by Erik Amaya

Josh Segarra, who played the last legitimately great Arrow villain, Prometheus, is joining the cast of She-Hulk. At least, according to Deadline, anyway. But as often occurs with their scoops on Marvel Studios casting, the site is in completely in the dark on who he will play.

But we have a theory.

As close Comicon readers will know, we’re fixated on the 2014-2015 She-Hulk series by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido (with assists by Ron Wimberly, Langdon Foss, and Jason Masters). The series took Jennifer Walters to the kookier side of the Marvel Comics Universe as she left her big Manhattan firm to litigate super-powered lawsuits. One such case centered on a Latverian seeking asylum in the US: Kristoff Vernard, the adopted son of Victor Von Doom. Doom was, of course, not happy about this and through Jen gets a victory in court, she still has to go to Latveria to rescue Vernard from his adoptive father. It led to one of the best panels in any comic book that year.

So, we’ll go out on limb here and suggest Segarra is playing Vernard. The television series is said to be more comedic in tone, putting a direct adaptation of the story in play. And Vernard is a role within the actor’s wheelhouse as he is great at shifting between villain and hero — see his Arrow return as the Earth-2 Adrian Chase in Season 8 — something the character does himself in various comic book stories.

It also gives Doctor Doom a chance to enter the MCU through the most absurd story possible, a thing Marvel Studios seems to enjoy in its TV shows. Of course, it is always possible Segarra is Doom himself or, maybe, the new Matt Murdoch. While the Internet seems obsessed with Charlie Cox returning to the role at some point in She-Hulk‘s run, there is always the thin chance Marvel Studios will recast the characters from the Netflix misadventure whenever possible.

The series, which stars Tatiana Maslany, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Ginger GonzagaTim Roth, Jameela Jamil, and Mark Ruffalo, is set to debut on Disney+ sometime next year.

Erik Amaya

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