Review: Saffron Chu Returns Only To Get Into Trouble On The High Seas In ‘Chu’ #6

by Olly MacNamee


Saffron Chu returns as only Saffron Chu can in Chu #6 from John Layman and Dan Boultwood. A woman with an eye for the big prize is always going to get into trouble sooner or later, and this time its on the high seas. More black comedy and silliness at sea, with a somewhat startling ending!


Saffron Chu returns this week in Chu #6 by John Layman and Dan Boultwood, and this second story arc feels like an immediate departure from anything we’ve ever seen in Chew, that’s for sure. Well, besides the fact that Saffron is on the opposite side of the law to her more famous brother, of course. For starters there’s the prologue scene set on the high seas some 200 years ago and a very drunk Captain Klemme setting course right into the eye of a storm. With very bizarre results. Not so much a case of Chekov’s gun, but more Chekov’s wine bottle.

Then, there’s the ever crafty Saffron Chu, on her own cruise, but with a very different course of her own to follow. Crafty, that is to say, in every way except when it comes to her choice fo boyfriend. The ever-loathsome Eddie Molay is never too far from here side, contributing next to nothing in their join criminal ventures. But then, even Superman has his weaknesses and Eddie is certainly Saffron’s kryptonite. 

This newest issue sets the scene for the next chapter in Saffron’s story wonderfully well with the trademark wit we’ve come to expect from Layman, and the cartoony artwork from Boultwood that fits the script so well. The choice of Boultwood alone marks this series out as something very different from its predecessor, the aforementioned Chew. 

Needless to say, Saffron’s latest scam doesn’t go down as well as expected, but this only leads to a bigger opportunity. One that will eventually tie us back to the prologue and the mystery introduced therein. 

While this book is fun and Saffron more than confident in her demeanour, sexuality (something she is more than happy to sue as a lure), mannerisms and overall character, even I was shocked by what lengths she would go to by the end of this startling issue. But, with the seeds well and truly sown for an international adventure and more, it’s a warm welcome back from this reviewer for one of the more black humoured books on the shelves and a story that’s certainly only going to get far more complicated before any resolution. 

A sometimes bonkers book with an energetic, attractive art style that somehow softens the overall criminality of Saffron’s antics. 

Chu #6 is out now from Image Comics

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