‘Elvira: The Wrath Of Con’ Kickstarter Funded In One Hour

by Erik Amaya

It is always nice to see Elvira’s continued success in the geek sphere.

On Thursday, Dynamite Entertainment began a Kickstarter campaign to fund Elvira: The Wrath of Con, a “Convention Exclusive” comic book featuring a new story from writer David Avallone, artist Dave Acosta, colorist Walter Pereyra, and letterer Taylor Esposito. The campaign hit its funding goal in an hour.

The 48-page comic sees Elvira as the Guest of Horror at “San Diego Popculturama” convention. It should be a good a time, but “an army of angry maniacs want her head on a platter.” As Dynamite puts it, it is a tale featuring “cosplay, celebrity, back issue hunting, and … ritual cult murder.”

“I’ve been a regular at San Diego Comic Con since 1989… (I was, um, five years old, let’s say…) and it’s always a big part of my summer,” Avallone said in a statement. “Missing it two years in a row has been a bummer, and this comic felt like a great way to honor the wonderful experience we’re all missing, and poke a little affectionate fun at it as well.”

“I’m so happy to team up with David, Walter, Taylor, and of course Cassandra [Peterson, Elvira’s creator], once again in a direct sequel to last year’s Omega Ma’am. Drawing that project was a dream come true for me, and now, we will deliver the mother of all sequels with Wrath of Con,” added Acosta.

As it is a Kickstarter campaign, interested fans can get the comic book or add on various perks like multiple covers — a logo-free “virgin” edition, a photo of Elvira, or even lava foil chase cover are just a few of the variants being offered — copies signed by Elvira, CGC graded copies, and merchandise like high quality lithograph prints, trading cards, collectible coins, and an Elvira spectral board.

The campaign continues through August 13th.

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