Comic-Con@Home 2021: A Look At ‘V/H/S/94’

by Ben Martin


The world is just now finding its way back to some normalcy amid an ongoing global pandemic. Therefore, many conventions are once again hosted as in-person events. But, many people, myself included, still aren’t quite ready to brave con crowds. The same can be said for the fine folks over at Comic-Con International, who are again bringing us the virtual version of the world’s most famous comic book and popular entertainment convention via their YouTube channel with Comic-Con@Home 2021!

The first panel I’ll be covering is a look at V/H/S/94. I’m a hardcore fan of horror, but I must admit I thought this horror anthology series had pretty much gone the way of the dodo along with the found footage subgenre. While I appreciate this indie franchise’s gimmick, I cannot say I was enamored with the original V/H/S (2012). Hence, I never saw any of its sequels. As tends to happen with further installments of a gimmick or aesthetic-based franchise like this V/H/S/, they begin layering in other gimmicks — which brings us to V/H/S/94.

Unlike its predecessors, V/H/S/94 is not only centered around the bygone format, but the titular year as well. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a sucker for anything that takes place in the 1990s. Thus, I’ll return to V/H/S/ for this newest installment.

The virtual Comic-Con@Home panel moderated by Richard Newby of The Hollywood Reporter and Fangoria features interviews with producers ​​Brad Miska and Josh Goldbloom and directors Simon Barrett, Timo Tjahjanto, Jennifer Reeder, Ryan Prows, and Chloe Okuno. These filmmakers — some of whom are V/H/S vets and others newcomers — all seem genuinely excited to be directing segments for this film, the plots of which we get some general story details on. Notably, though, each segment will connect and build to one larger story. To find out more, including what it’s like to make an independent film while Ontario, Canada was sheltering in place, you can check out the video above.

V/H/S/94 will stream Exclusively on Shudder this Fall.

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