Comic-Con@Home 2021: AHOY Comics Reveals ‘My Bad’ And More

by Gary Catig

Though it’s not in person, Comic-Con@Home is still a fun event to share your news with the public. AHOY Comics held their own panel moderated by Stuart Moore. He was joined by creators Tom Peyer, Mark Russell, Eric Palicki, Paul Constant, Liana Kangas, and Bryce Ingman. They all spoke about what they were currently working on for the publisher and even announced some new titles.

Palicki and Kangas talked about Black’s Myth while Constant discussed the upcoming Snelson series. It was pretty much the same spiel as WonderCon for both but they did share some cover art for upcoming issues. The Sergio Aragones variant cover for Snelson #2 was definitely a standout.

One of the newly announced comics was My Bad, which is due out this November. It will be written by Russell and Ingman with art from Peter Krause. The concept originally began as a text story in Hashtag Danger and was eventually picked up as a series. Both writers will write half of the first four issues with them collaborating and bringing everything together in issue five.

Ingman’s part follows the supervillain, Emperor King, who is constantly trying to conquer the world but is foiled by the superhero, the Accelerator. Emperor King builds an elaborate torture trap to capture his nemesis but entraps a different hero instead. The two become best friends but Emperor King can’t disarm the trap once it’s set.

Russell’s half revolves on the Batman analog, the Chandelier, who receives a birthday present from the Emperor King and spends the rest of the time stressing whether the villain knows his real identity.

With regards to Russell’s other projects at Ahoy, there have been delays on the art side of Second Coming: Only Begotten Son but will follow a monthly release now with the TPB out in November. Also, fans can expect more Billionaire Island in the second half of 2021. Business Dog will be the central character who is now the richest mammal on Earth. Now people are off to find him in order to exploit him and take his money or to worship him like a cult.

AHOY also has some collected editions on their way. Next month, Happy Hour will come out in trade and will have promotional drink coasters. Then in September, The Wrong Earth: Night and Day TPB will be released. Fans looking for more will be excited to learn a series of one shots from the comic is arriving in early 2022.

The Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood will be released as a TPB in September as well. Then a new volume of the series entitled Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Death will begin. The title will change for every run and Snifter of Death will have holiday themes with covers from Richard Williams. There will be an all new “Cereal Monster” story from Peter Snejbjerg and Russell.

At the end of the panel, Moore teased a new fall series with some artwork. No other details were given.

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