Jimmy Palmiotti And Scott Hampson Launch New Post-Apocalyptic Road Trip Graphic Novel ‘Rage’ On Kickstarter

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Scott Hampton have launched new graphic novel Rage on Kickstarter this morning and its already doing extremely well after just a few hours, if that. Rage sees “one man embarks on a cross country journey to find his daughter in the wake of a worldwide catastrophe.”

Palmiotti has more:

Rage is a full throttle, white knuckle thriller about a man with secrets in his past, who will do absolutely whatever it takes to save his daughter,” said Palmiotti. “It’s a story all about survival, which in this case means learning to live with what you’ve done ― and what you’ve failed to do.”

“In Rage, Braden Radovick is a desperate man. He wakes up in a New York City holding cell to discover the world has changed overnight. Everywhere he goes, there are fires. The city is littered with corpses. People are losing their minds. The cops are so overwhelmed, they just let him walk out of the cell. 

Braden’s journey is just beginning. He’s separated from his daughter Friday, who’s on the west coast, and absolutely nothing not even a global disaster will stop him from finding her. Before his cross country odyssey is over, Braden will be forced to use all his resources and skills to reunite with his daughter and save her.”

As with all crowdfunders there are plenty of pledges to back, from entry-level pledges such as just $8 for a pdf copy, or $8 for a hardcover copy, to the more costly $200. But then that one does come with original artwork and is limited to 24 backers.

For more on this new campaign and the various pledges/price points on offer, head on over to the Rage campaign page now.

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