Red Guardian And Hydra Arrive In Latest ‘Marvel Realm of Champions’ Update

by Gary Catig

The latest update of Marvel Realm of Champions has arrived and with it, comes plenty of exciting new content for players to enjoy. After appearing on the big screen in the recent Black Widow film, Red Guardian will play a big role in the update.

There is a new In-Game event entitled ‘A House Divided’ along with some new Super Soldier gear, weapons and Arena Conquest Environment. Check out the added features below or here for a more detailed description.

  • New In-Game Event – A HOUSE DIVIDED: Following Stark’s new policy of cooperation, Peggy Carter enlists Champions from across Battleworld to form a new strike team with one goal – to retrieve a powerful RED TESSERACT, created by the USSR during the Cold War, from the clutches of HYDRA. To succeed, they will need to defeat one of the Patriot Garrison’s own Champions, the RED GUARDIAN, in an attempt to free him from HYDRA’s control. Enter each battle in v4.1’s World Quest story event alongside PEGGY CARTER and defend her from a slew of Adaptoids and the Red Guardian.
  • New Super Soldier Gear – Red Guardian Set and Patriotic Gear Slots
  • New Weapons – Super Soldier: Hydra Vibranium Shield Variant, and Sorcerer Supreme: Black Mirror
  • New Arena Conquest Environment – The Raft

To learn more about the Black Mirror weapon, consult the video below.

Marvel Realm of Champions can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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