Review: ‘Infinite Frontier’ #3 Delivers On Script And Surprises But Not Always On Art

by Olly MacNamee


‘Infinite Frontier’ #3 continues to explore the multiverse and in doing so re-introduce a lot of JSA associated characters too. Some who have been MIA for quite some time. Great writing, but the art does not come across as the type usually associated with such big summer evens to me.


Infinite Frontier #3 opens up spectacularly well with a one page catch-up posing as a webpage and then a wonderfully rendered double page spread of father and son – Green Lantern and Obsidian – in glorious battle with old foes while texting is used as a happy expositional device to catch readers up. Jesūs Merino certainly sets the standard, but it’s a standard that is rarely met in an issue that seems rushed on the art front. And while Joshua Williamson’s scripting continues to entertain and excite – especially the last page reveal that’s foreshadowed at in this very issue – anything other than stellar artwork on a big summer event series like this one does devalue it for me. 

What is good about this issue is what’s been good about this series so far; Roy Harper’s return, the Justice League Incarnate playing a bigger part in the DCU (finally!), an alternative take on the traditional World’s Finest duo of Batman and Superman, and the weaving together of DC Comics more interesting concepts they have either spearheaded themselves over the years (the multiverse, for instance) or acquired (the Bleed). Oh, and The Flash once more embroiled in another crisis. Barry just never gets a break, does he? 

What Infinite Frontier is also doing well is reintroducing old characters that have, in some cases, not been seen or heard of for quite some time, with a large proportion having strong links with the newly reinstated Justice Society of America. Whether these characters can land with any new reader out there, or whether DC Comics have accepted that mainstream DC Comics are mainly being read by older, ageing fans, will be interesting to see in the months and years to come. But then, in the right creators hands and with the right contemporary spin, you never know. Still, I for one was more than happy by the promise of a certain JSA-legacy team making a well deserved comeback, if that last page I mentioned earlier is to be believed!

An exciting issue, but with lack-lustre art on too many occasions. And out now from DC Comics

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