Comic-Con@Home 2021: A Sneak Peek At ‘Creepshow: Season 3’

by Ben Martin

I don’t want to sound like a shill for the horror streaming service Shudder, but I think it’s an underrated streaming service and one which I wish more genre fans utilized. Moreover, I’m glad to see that the streamer once again has a presence at Comic-Con@Home this year. (A prime example being the V/H/S/94 panel which you can check out my coverage of here. In any event, Shudder offers more variety and depth for horror fans than any other streaming service. A portion of said variety comes in the form of original programming, the most notable of which is arguably the TV adaption of the classic horror anthology Creepshow (2019-) (Unless of course, you’re an ardent Mutant follower of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs {2018} like myself.)

Anyway, Creepshow will return for its third season on September 23rd. In anticipation, Comic-Con@Home 2021 is offering us a panel to give us a little taste of what to expect. This season 3 panel, moderated by Clark Collis (Entertainment Weekly), features showrunner and executive producer Greg Nicotero, writer Mattie Do, director Rusty Cundieff, and guest cast members Michael Rooker and James Remar. While this panel is on the shorter side, all the folks are entertaining to watch. More importantly, though, they deliver a ton of interesting information regarding Season 3. Oh, and clips from the forthcoming episodes Drug Traffic and Mums. Instead of me spoiling any of the specifics from the panel, I think you would be better served to go watch it!

You can watch all the past seasons and specials of Creepshow on Shudder. Alternatively, If you don’t subscribe to Shudder, you can still catch up on Creepshow: Season 2 will be airing (in an edited format) on AMC beginning September 6rd.

Creepshow: Season 3 is currently in post-production but will premiere on Shudder on September 23rd and consist of six episodes.

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