Comic-Con@Home 2021: Indie Toy Makers Unite!

by Ben Martin

Look, I miss attending physical conventions just like everyone else. However, there’s one thing that virtual conventions offer us that the former doesn’t. That being panels that focus on the more interesting and esoteric aspects of pop subculture or collecting. One such panel that Comic-Con@Home 2021 offered up this year is Indie Toy Makers Unite! A Conversation with Those Making Indie Cction Figures, which you can check out here: 

The titular indie toymakers on this panel moderated by Gavin Hignight (Wandering Planet Toys, Transformers: Cyberverse, War For Cybertron and LEGO/Marvel Avengers) and Richard Mayerik (The Toys That Made Us, A Toy Store Near You) are Julie Kerwin (I Am Elemental), Chris Gawrych (Amazo Toys), Bill Murphy (Fresh Monkey Fiction), Brian Flynn (Super 7), John Russell (Chicken Fried Toys), and Craig Owen (Zica Toys).

In my estimation, there are a couple of reasons to watch this panel. First and foremost, the subject of independent toymakers doesn’t get enough light shed on it. I feel that needs to change as these creators are more creative than the big toy companies will ever be. Moreover, these indie companies are also very collector-focused. Second and more importantly, watching this panel will inspire you to be creative and follow your passion. To me, that’s an essential thing, even if the world makes it challenging to do.

If you want to check out any of these indie toy companies, I’ve posted links to their respective websites below (PLEASE NOTE: I could not locate a website for Amazo Toys.)

Chicken Fried Toys:

Fresh Monkey Fiction:



I Am Elemental:

Super 7:

Zica Toys:


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