Pearl Abyss’s Open World Title ‘Crimson Desert’ Delayed

by Sage Ashford

Letter From Pearl Abyss Discussing Crimson Desert Delay

Unfortunately, developer Pearl Abyss has confirmed that their upcoming open-world action-adventure, Crimson Desert, has been pushed back indefinitely. Previously, the company was known for working on the Black Desert Online MMO. Originally, Crimson Desert debuted its first trailer at The Game Awards in December 2020 with plans of releasing sometime in 2021.

Though the game didn’t appear at the E3 video presentations this past year, its next appearance was scheduled to be sometime during Gamescom next month. It is unknown if they intend to show anything with the delay confirmed — especially with them talking about adding new ideas for a deeper, more enriching game.

Crimson Desert is planned for release on both console and PC.

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