SoftStar Entertainment’s ‘Sword And Fairy 7’ Releases This October

by Sage Ashford

Publisher CubeGame and developer SoftStar Entertainment have confirmed the release for the latest entry in their ‘Chinese Paladin’ series, Sword and Fairy 7. The title is scheduled for a release sometime in October, and comes with a new trailer for people on the fence about pre-ordering the title. The Steam page talks more about the game:

“This work focuses on the dual experience of drama and play. The story of the three groups of people, gods and demons to open, in the guarantee of wonderful performance at the same time, the system compared with the series of previous works also made major changes, the use of the third person known as the timing of the model, the process of fighting endless, bring a refreshing experience for players.”

The game will have English localized text at launch according to the developers, but there’s currently a new demo available for those who don’t mind playing entirely in Chinese.

Sword and Fairy 7 is launching exclusively for PC this October.

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