New Pokemon Snap Gets Additional Areas And New Pokemon On August 3rd

by Sage Ashford

New Pokemon Snap was something most people either really wanted, or something they forgot released this year. Fortunately for the former, Nintendo is releasing a free update to the game on August 3rd. Featuring new areas in the Secret Side Path, the Mightywide River, and the Barren Badlands, this update will add twenty Pokemon to the game for players to discover and take photos of.

The Secret Side Path can be explored by shrinking the NEO-ONE ship, making the Pokemon appear to be gigantic, with the developers pointing out how Pokemon might behave in new ways that weren’t displayed previously. The Barren Badlands will send players through areas where Pokemon can be hiding either underground or in the cliffs themselves, while the Mightywide River will send players right down a river where they can conduct research and search for Pokemon.

New Pokemon Snap is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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